Southern QLD Country Historical Sites and Heritage Locations

You won’t have to go far to explore the Southern Queensland Country region’s fascinating history. You’ll find the present pays homage to the past in every town. Our modern streetscapes tell a story of a bygone era, with many of the historic buildings – churches, pubs, banks and grand old homes among them – restored to their original grace and many still in use today. For many of these buildings self-guided tours are available, such as 1891 ex convent for Sisters of Mercy in Warwick that hosts many special events and accommodation. Memorials, interactive museums and private collections piece together the stories that make our towns tick – bringing to life the indigenous and pioneering history along with the people and points in history that have shaped this unique region. If pub walls could talk, there would be some interesting yarns. Luckily many pub walls are decorated in old photographs, artworks by famous bush artists, old newspaper clippings, memorabilia and pieces of local history that paint a vivid picture.