Not all holidays need to be done at high speed and St George and surrounds proves this point.

Located on the banks of the Balonne River, St George encourages visitors to experience life in the slow lane – whether it be a meandering sunset cruise or sinking into a camping chair while waiting for the fish to bite.

Travel slow with a trip to St George and surrounds, following this guide.


1. Get a selfie at the colourful GrainCorp Silos in Thallon

What do you get when you combine the vision of three photographers, two street artists and one A4 drawing? Head to the GrainCorp Silos in Thallon to find out.

Forming part of the silo art trail that stretches from Victoria through to Central Queensland, the once blank canvas of the disused GrainCorp Silos has been transformed into a colourful artwork mural depicting life on the land.

Grab a snap in front of the ‘Watering Hole’ mural which took three weeks, over 500 tins of paint, and 500 spray paint cans to complete.


2. Enjoy a sunset cruise along the Balonne River

Name a better combo than sipping on sundowners while catching the sunset from the water? We’ll wait.

Join Captain Brett on his Sandytown River Cruise and spend two hours meandering along the river at sunset with commentary about the animals, birdlife and points of interest along the way.

DIY your aperitivo hour, packing a bottle of wine and all the ingredients for a cheese platter – because, holidays.


3. Admire the hand-carved emu eggs at the Unique Egg

Did you know a hand-carved emu egg created by a local St George resident once resided in the White House?

Hand crafted by Greek emigrant turned St George local for over 60 years, and owner of The Unique Egg, Stavros (Steve) Margaritis, the gift to former president of the United States Barack Obama was rumoured to be kept on the White House desk.

With a visit to the Unique Egg you can see over 150 carved and illuminated emu eggs on display at this St George showroom.

For a small entry fee, it’s well worth a squiz at the exhibit, as this is the only place in the world where you’ll find hand-carved illuminated eggs.


4. Fish the region’s rivers for Murray Cod

Anglers, we’re looking at you.

Did you even go to St George if you didn’t throw in the line to catch a Murray Cod?

With eight rivers and waterways making up the Balonne Shire, you’ll want to make sure you pack your rod and reel for this holiday.


5. View John Murray’s artwork at the Hebel Hotel

If you’ve ever seen a cartoon-style painting of an emu, kookaburra or camel surrounded by an outback landscape, there’s a good chance it was painted by Australian artist, John Murray.

While an original John Murray painting depicting the Lightning Ridge outback will set you back up seven thousand dollars, you can have a private viewing while dining on a burger at the Hebel Hotel – 160 kilometres’ drive from St George.

As well as providing a mini art tour at the Hebel Hotel, turn the pages of history with tales of the Ned Kelly gang who once used this hotel as a hideout.


6. Savour the Russian Bakery flavours in Dirranbandi

Who says you can’t have an international experience in Southern Queensland Country?

Head to Dirranbandi Bakery in the town of Dirranbandi – 95 kilometres south of St George – to sample locally made traditional Russian honey bread (aka Russian Pryaniki) – a Russian specialty dating back to the ninth century.

The Dirranbandi Bakery is the only place in Queensland to make this Russian specialty fresh from their kitchen, making it the perfect sweet treat souvenir.


7. Sip and swirl at Riversands Vineyard

Think you’re too far west to spend an afternoon at a local vineyard sampling Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc or Moscato?

Head to Riversands Vineyard, Queensland’s most western vineyard and learn how an Agriculture Extension Officer and Registered Nurse turned 50 acres of farmland into a winery producing up to 50,000 bottles of dry white and table red wines each year.

Relax in the garden, order a cheese platter or ploughman’s lunch, and learn about the wines’ namesakes – from Dr Earnest Seidel to Len Waters.


8. Take a trip back in time at the Bollon Heritage Centre

Combine a history tour with a side of wildlife spotting in the town of Bollon, 114 kilometres west of St George.

Stop by the Bollon Heritage Centre, located along the short, one kilometre-long, aptly named Main Street.

While the population of this town falls just shy of 300 residents, the Ballon Historical Centre is full of artefacts depicting the town’s rural history and Aboriginal culture.

Keep an eye out for the local emus who are known to stroll the local street.



9. Tackle a road train burger at the Nindigully Pub

Image: @weekender_tv

Foodies listen up.

Australia is packed with food challenges to scare any waistline – from a one metre Bratwurst to a one-kilogram Austrian Schnitzel or one-kilo tomahawk steak – but these are no match for Queensland’s Road Train Burger at the Nindigully Pub.

Prepare to loosen your belt buckle with this Southern Queensland Country food challenge to devour an oversized burger filled with a whopping 1.2-kilogram meat patty and a supersized side of fries and onion rings just for good measure.

Warning: this burger can feed up to four people, so make sure you find a friend of two to help you tuck in.


10. Touch a piece of history at Mungindi’s One Ton Post

What would you do to celebrate three years of surveying the straight section of the Queensland and New South Wales border, from Cameron Corner to Barwon River?

If you were the man tasked with the job, surveyor JB Cameron, you would erect a monument to mark the occasion at each end.

Known as the One Ton Post, one of the two original survey pegs dating back over 100 years can be found on the west bank of the Barwon River, near Mungindi.