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Haden is a small rural town approximately 50 kilometres north of Toowoomba and 185 kilometres north west from Brisbane. The town is set high on the Great Dividing Range, a position resulting in a high number of windy days.

There is a picturesque lookout on the Haden-Maclagan Road to the west of the town. The brush turkey, known to local Aboriginal people as 'wahoon', was prevalent in the area in Haden's early days and in 2002 a monument to the bird was erected here.

The township was a thriving centre in the early 1900s, with two pubs, three grocer shops, a butcher shop, a branch of the Queensland National Bank and a racecourse. Haden State School was officially opened on May 20, 1912, and first known as Wahoon State School.

The township continues to be serviced by 'The Haden Stores' and Haden State School continues providing education for students from the town and predominantly the farms to the north-west. Three churches and the Haden Hall also continue to operate.