Meandarra ANZAC Memorial Museum

Location: Meandarra, QLD | Type: Galleries, Museums and Collections

Sara Street
Meandarra, Queensland 4422

07 4665 6147

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The Meandarra ANZAC Memorial Museum is a nationally recognised museum that showcases the bravery and sacrifice of the Anzacs and all those who have served in Australia's armed forces.

The collection features artefacts from several conflicts and proudly showcases the stories of veterans from Meandarra and beyond.

Not just any museum can call itself an 'ANZAC Museum'. It is a privilege granted by the Australian Government to museums that represent the bravery and sacrifice of the first Anzacs. In 2003 the Meandarra ANZAC Memorial Museum was granted that honour.

Passionate community members have spent over 30 years collecting military artefacts and update displays every year to ensure that the museum continues to reflect the true spirit of the Anzacs.

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