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Sister Kenny Memorial, Nobby

Location: Nobby, QLD | Type: Historical Sites and Heritage Locations

Tooth Street
Nobby, Queensland 4360

 1800 331 155

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Visit the memorial of Sister Elizabeth Kenny (born 20 September 1880, died 30 November 1952), who had a significant world-wide impact on the treatment of polio (Infantile Paralysis), one of the world`s most devastating diseases.

Sister Kenny lived in Nobby and received world recognition for her revolutionary treatment of polio victims in the early to mid twentieth century. She challenged the then current medical practice of immobilising muscles affected by polio and proved that exercising them aided in patient recovery.

This memorial chronicles her life and gives an account of the battles she had with the male-dominated medical establishment of the day.

She is buried in the peaceful Nobby cemetery which overlooks the wide, rolling hills, and her life is also commemorated by a local memorial park.

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