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5 Reasons to visit the Bunya Mountains

Exploring the majestic Bunya Mountains should be on everyone’s bucket list for more reasons than one. The 2-hour drive from Brisbane is beautiful in itself as you watch the landscape change from golden fields to thick bush land, rolling green hills and pretty country towns. Yet it’s the ascent into the mountains that will truly take your breath away. Once inside the National Park, it’s one spectacular scene after another thanks to its iconic bunya pines, lush rainforest, eucalypt forests and woodlands.  

Here are 5 reasons to start planning your Bunya Mountains adventure today:    

Bunya pines and wildlife

The Bunya Mountains are home to the most extensive area of bunya pines. These gigantic trees grow up to 45 metres, and the cones, which contain edible kernels, are the size of footballs. Native wildlife, wallabies and 121 species of birds including satin bowerbirds call the area home.

Cool climate 

"Over 1000 metres above sea level, the Bunya Mountains are much cooler which is an attraction in very hot weather but also in autumn and winter. Visitors come to enjoy log fires and also the frequent mists on the mountains.” - Bunya Mountains Natural History Association

Photo by @cuerton via Instagram 


Peace and Quiet

“There is no noisy traffic and busy roads so many enjoy the solitude. The region is 60km from the nearest roundabouts and traffic lights!” - Bunya Mountains Natural History Association

Photo by @homeintransit via Instagram  

Hiking trails

“The area is a hiker’s delight with an extensive series of well-maintained walking tracks for varying levels of fitness.  The Scenic Circuit is an hour-long walk that takes you past a beautiful lookout and stunning waterfalls." – Eleanor, The Bunyas

Photo by @georgie_a_brown via Instagram  

Stunning views 

The Bunya Mountains is part of the Great Dividing Range and features panoramic mountain scenery and breathtaking views over the South Burnett region and southern plains. 

Photo by @sarah__hill__ via Instagram

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