Rules & Regulations - Freshwater Fishing in Southern Queensland Country

Before throwing in a line, familiarise yourself with Queensland's fishing rules and regulations which:

 - Help to protect and conserve Queensland’s valuable fish stocks. 

 - Ensure that locals and visitors can continue to fish for fun and enjoy an abundance of delicious fresh fish for generations to come.

Rules & Regulations

Before going fishing ensure you're informed and comply with: 

- The type of fishing gear you can and can't use
- Size, take and possession limits - to preserve fish stocks for all
- Closed waters and seasons - when and where you're permitted to fish
- Noxious fish - know the nasties!
- Tagged fish
- Using live bait
- Sale of fish
- Permits - do you need one?

Further information on rules and regulations: click here


Fishing Gear

In freshwater, fish may only be caught by using:

·         A fishing line – which is an apparatus consisting of a hand held line with or without a pole, reel or rod;

·         A trap – which can be a canister trap, collapsible trap, dilly trap, funnel trap or round trap.  A person must not possess or use at one time more than four of these traps in combination;

·         A scoop or dip net (cast nets and bait nets are not permitted)

·         A set line