Top Catches

Golden Perch/Yellowbelly

Considered the better of the freshwater table-fish, with firm white flesh and no muddy taint. They can be very aggressive and love shrimp bobbed gently up and down amongst logs. Small deep diving lures are also a popular catching method. GP can be caught all year round in impoundments and from dusk or dawn for rivers/creeks. 

Murray Cod 

The Murray cod is the largest of freshwater fish, growing to a length of 1.8m. It is most commonly caught by line fishing with baits of crayfish, mussels or small live fish. They will also rise to lures and put up a good fight when taken on suitable tackle. 

Eel-tailed Catfish 

Eel-tailed catfish or jewfish are caught on bait such as shrimp or worm and are good fighters when hooked on light gear. The jewfish is often caught in shallow water off grassy banks, particularly from dusk.

Silver perch

Silver perch are commonly caught in the inland streams and waterholes west of the Great Dividing Range with bait such as prawns and worms. Schools accumulate at the heads of waterholes and flowing reaches, and being easily attracted to a fly or lure, they are spectacular performers.

Australian Bass 

Pound for pound the hardest fighting Native freshwater fish, growing to a length of .50cm. It is most commonly caught using lures and live baits. The Australian bass is the premier sports fish in the south east corner of Queensland. 


With its prehistoric looks and aerial antics when hooked, the Saratoga is regarded as one of inland Australia’s greatest sport fish. But due to its poor table quality its not often targeted. But fly and surface lures account for most catches of Saratoga. 

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