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Dalveen QLD

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Southern Downs and Granite Belt

The Granite Belt Drive is a 12 kilometre road, providing travellers with an alternative route on their journey to Stanthorpe from. The Granite Belt Drive runs from Dalveen to The Summit and takes in fruit orchards, wineries, tourist attractions and more.

The Drive runs parallel with the New England Highway and passes through a number of villages and hamlets on the way to Stanthorpe.

The Granite Belt Drive also runs past the Big Apple, providing ample opportunities for a classic photo with this Stanthorpe icon. Enjoy local eateries and wineries as you travel the route. You’ll also pass through The Summit, famous as one of the coldest places in Queensland and home to the highest railway station in Australia.

Once you finish the Granite Belt Drive, you will enter back onto the New England Highway, with Stanthorpe just a further 13 minute drive.

Route Details:

Itinerary Route: One way

Mode of Travel: Mountain Bike

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