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By Gemma from Our Coast Life

Fresh air, feathered and furry critters, walks and digital detoxing are big reasons to book a family getaway to the Bunya Mountains.

Whether you stay in a mountain house or teach the kids to camp, it’ll be a holiday to remember!

These are the top 6 Bunya Mountains must-dos, as rated by kids:

1. Hand feed wild parrots

Bunya Bird Feeding King Parrot

Feed the birds at The Bunyas General Store

Each morning and afternoon, The Bunyas General Store, is a colourful and noisy hive of activity as scores of wild parrots descend on the grassed area (often landing on your head!) to be hand-fed.

Official Feeding Times (but the birds tend to arrive at their leisure):
Morning: 9:15 - 10:15am
Afternoon: 3:30 - 4:30pm

2. Go wild with the wallabies

Bunya Wallaby

Any time of day, you’ll find cute red-necked wallabies and black-striped wallabies resting in the shade of ancient Bunya pines or hopping around on the grass near Poppies on the Hill Café.

But in the cooler hours of dawn and dusk they’re simply everywhere – on the grassy areas surrounding the Village, grazing around the houses and along the mountain trails.

Take particular care driving as they like to gather around the roadsides and amble slowly across your path!

3. Giddy up a horse-drawn carriage ride

Bunya Horses 2

Get a taste of mountain history on a horse-drawn carriage ride. Early settlers used bullock and horse teams to harvest red cedar and other local rainforest timbers.

Step up into the wooden carriage and step back in time as Allan and his Clydesdales leisurely guide you through the local streets and bushland.

Tour options range from 10 minutes to two-hours, including a meander down an old logging track before tasting billy tea, damper and roasted Bunya nuts around a campfire.

4. Spot fireflies

Untitled design 23

Experience the wonder of fireflies flashing their lights against the Bunya Mountains rainforest.

From October to November fireflies can be seen at dusk, for about an hour after sunset.

Sit back and enjoy sunset from the new viewing area at Fishers Lookout, then slowly wander down Bunya Mountains Road, taking a side trip through Rifle Bird Park to see the beetles’ twinkling lights.

Just magic for kids!

5. Explore a mountain trail

Bunya Bushwalk 26

Make the most of the natural beauty of the Bunyas with a family bushwalk. There are numerous tracks to choose from, but the popular 4km Scenic Circuit offers a mix of lookouts, creeks and waterfalls.

Enjoy spotting Giant Barred Frog tadpoles in the ponds of Saddletree Creek and walking straight through the middle of a giant strangler fig tree.

If you keep an eye out, you might see a superb blue fairy wren darting in and out of the foliage or find the nest of a satin bowerbird.

Keep a lookout too for swamp wallabies and red-necked pademelons which prefer the cover of the rainforest.

6. Toast Bunya nuts on the campfire

Bunya Nut

In February and March, Bunya nuts fall from the ancient pines. One of these soccer ball-sized nuts can weigh up to 8kg, so don’t linger long if you spot them above!

There are many ways of cooking them and you’re in for a tasty treat as they feature in some of the recipes at local eateries.

Try Bunya nut scones, burgers and biscuits and the kids will love to roast them on the campfire. If Bunyas nuts are out of season, opt for toasted marshmallows.

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