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We know the world needs a rest, but when you're ready, we'll still be here. We all love exploring our beautiful country but for the moment now’s not the time to travel. Your health and safety are a priority. In the meantime, feel free to dream about all the wonderful things you can experience in Southern Queensland Country when it’s safe to travel again. We’ll continue to share uplifting, inspiring images of our destination on our social media to bring some joy to your newsfeed in these uncertain times.


You can also use our new Southern Queensland Country Visitors’ Guide as inspiration to plan your future visit.

Welcome to Southern Queensland Country

sqc-map sqc-map QLD Brisbane QLD New South W ales Brisbane Bu n y a Mountains NP Kingaroy Chinchilla Dalby Toowoomba St-George Warwick Stanthorpe 90 minutes’ drive

Somewhere in Southern Queensland Country, someone just like you is lost in the moment. You see, it’s somewhere you and your family and friends can quickly forget about everything on the daily ‘to-do’ list.

Just 90 minutes’ drive from Brisbane, our unique region is the only Queensland destination to offer truly seasonal experiences. From Stanthorpe in the south to Kingaroy in the north, and from Toowoomba as far west as St George, you can savour crisp country air, award-winning wines and fresh seasonal produce.

It's somewhere you can appreciate the spectacular natural wonders, the stories behind historic sandstone buildings, that cheeky shiraz from the winery up the road or just spending time with loved ones.

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