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Bordering New South Wales and connected via five of Australia’s major highways, you’ll 

find the town of Goondiwindi, 220 kilometres south-west of Toowoomba and 350km south-west of Brisbane.

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Goondiwindi lives up to its tagline, ‘Regional Australia at its best’, across seven country towns, which make up the 19,300km2 region. Getting there is easy, with five of Australia’s major highways connecting at Goondiwindi, making the region the perfect stop-over for a couple of days to break up your next western Queensland adventure.

A visit to Goondiwindi reveals tidy towns, manicured gardens and public parks which welcome you to explore. While cotton, grain and beef might be some of the region’s biggest exports, it’s the inland fishing which draws so many to this region which hugs the New South Wales and Queensland border.

When you’re not casting off, explore the history of the region – whether that be a cotton tour, connecting with the world’s oldest culture or Goondiwindi’s most famous face, Gunsynd the Goondiwindi Grey.

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Our country gates are now open to visitors who are permitted to travel within Queensland. Sorry to any travellers who can’t visit us right now, but you’ll have to wait a little bit longer before visiting us. We’ll continue to look after everything for when it is safe for you to travel.