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Ballandean Pyramid

It’s certainly a surprise to encounter a giant stone pyramid south of Stanthorpe near the village of Ballandean! Built from blocks of local granite, the pyramid stands 17.5 metres in height, 30 metres square at the base and contains 7,500 tonnes of rock. It was built using an excavator and dump truck and took eight months to complete. Why is it there? The land owner had excess granite from excavations on the property and he built it just because he could! We’re certainly glad he did, as it’s an unusual landmark and quite incredible to see sitting against the backdrop of Girraween National Park. The pyramid can be seen through the trees along the highway south of Ballandean. To reach the pyramid for a closer look, turn off the highway (eastward towards the Ballandean Tavern) on Eukey road, then turn immediately right onto Jacobsens Road. Follow Jacobsons Road for 1.7km until you reach the giant pyramid on the right. The pyramid sits on private property, so no approaching the pyramid, however the roadside is close enough to capture a view and a photo of this impressive site.

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28214 New England Highway, Ballandean Queensland 4382, Australia

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