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Condamine Bell

Don't miss a large replica of the Condamine Bell, inscribed with the history of the township in the Condamine Bell Park. Condamine is famous for the first successful bell which was made by Samuel William Jones, who had a smithy by the Condamine River from early 1866 to late 1878. It is claimed the sound could be heard from seven miles (11.2 kilometres) away. Bullock bells were a necessity in early pioneering days to find the team of bullocks who had strayed from camp after being unyoked overnight as vast areas of land were unfenced. Grab a tasty burger and a cold drink from the roadhouse across the road to enjoy in the shade of the park's covered tables.

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  • Family Friendly
  • Picnic Area

Email Condamine Bell

1300 268 624

22 Wambo Street, Condamine Queensland 4416, Australia

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